Mission Statement

Vision of Purpose and Destiny for Family Worship Center

Vision is described as a purpose, an insight into a destination, a glimpse or view into the future and a discovery of one’s destiny. Vision for a congregation is generally given to leadership that they might share it with those for whom they are responsible to lead into the vision. Herein is our four-part vision:

We are a Scriptural Church

The Word of God within its proper context is our final authority for everything we do. All teaching, activity and practice must agree with the scripture.

We are a Faithful Church

We are full of faith, that is, we trust in the fullness of God no matter what. We are faithful in our duty to God. We are positive and encouraging because we “draw joy from the wells of salvation” and the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Because we are faithful, we are givers. We are benevolent to those in need. We are true to our duty to God in tithing and giving of our talent, our time, and our temporal means. We are aggressive in our giving because we know that we cannot out give God.

We are a Pentecostal Church

We believe in holiness and righteousness or moral integrity.

We believe that speaking in other tongues is the initial physical evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. We believe in all the ministries and gifts of the Holy Ghost.

Because we are Pentecostal, we are evangelical. We believe the natural response to the power of the Spirit is to share the Gospel and our faith freely with those that are not saved.

The other natural response to the Spirit is worship, not as an activity but as a lifestyle.

We are a Birthing Church

We believe in helping believers to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and callings. We believe in World Missions as well as church planting.


Our Vision

Our vision of the future for our congregation is that of a church that ministers to the lost and hurting. We will draw those that are in deep need and lead them into healing for the total man.

This congregation has a strong emphasis on the fire of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, bearing the fruit of the Spirit and living out life in the Spirit. We, therefore, will demonstrate that life in our aide to others and our worship and exuberant praise to God.

Every program and doctrine will be weighed against this vision.