Corona Virus and Video Sermons

Current Status

As I observe the current climate of the corona virus, I, unfortunately, see the number of cases increasing daily. The officers of the Commonwealth have extended the time of its “stay home” requests pertaining to this state and national emergency. This pandemic appears as though it has yet to level out. As the corona virus continues its spread, the services of Family Worship Center will be cancelled on April 26, 2020 and for the week thereof.  I continue to monitor the situation from week to week. In doing so, I will consider the following:

  1.  Adhering to the request of those who God posted in government to manage the health care of the community.  This is also the position if the Assemblies of God.
  2. In the safety of all people. committing to the church’s social responsibility in protecting our adherents, as many have greater vulnerabilities, and to care for others by attempting to stop the spread of this disease.  From my observation of reports, this disease continues to spread.
  3. We were not informed that we could not worship the Lord. We can continue in the spreading the gospel by individuals who know their Lord and are constant servants of Him. By reaching out to others through the internet, telephone, and even though face to face contact (Please use social distancing recommendations). Note: As we are not having a holy convocation this week, I am considering what we may be able to do in having a safe and legal sacred assembly. Please keep this in prayer.

My prayer, during this season, is that Family Worship Center has people prepared to put their trust in God in this situation, and show forth a spiritual preparedness for difficult times.  This is an opportunity to share the gospel, because many do not know where to turn, but just as there is a great opportunity in sharing the hope of the gospel at current time, there was just as great an opportunity before any crisis came. Let’s prepare ourselves now to continue our testimony of Jesus for when this pandemic is over and lives continue.  Please continue to be praying about this situation; as well as, one for another.

I am praying for you.

Pastor Gary

Note:  Because I want teaching to continue in the church, below are four sermons on video that you can watch to stay exhorted in God’s word.  In addition, I added a tab for a Book of Ruth video sermon series. Please take advantage of these sermon series’ for your continued faith.

MINISTRY UPDATE: Starting Wednesday, April 8th at 7:00 PM, Pastor Gary will be having a Bible study on line using Zoom video conferencing. You will need to download zoom on your computer ( If you have interest in participating, let Pastor know your email address to receive the meeting invitations. He will continue having the Bible Study on Sunday evenings at 6:30 PM.

Also, For Resurrection Sunday, Pastor uploaded 2019’s audio message from Resurrection Sunday. Let it be a blessing to you.

Thank you for your consideration and prayerfulness. Stay safe, and enjoy the following messages: